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Hello you can call me Star, Snowfall, or Zero

Call me whatever gender you want

I have been reading on here for like 2 years but I just now made an account. I don't know why 😭

If you are kind to me, I will be kind back to you. I'm not a robot so I do have feelings

My Top 3 Favorite Omegaverse's BL'S

1.The Bite of A Wolf (Official). By - Maojiu
2.Campus Trap. By - Dips / Han Ji-woo
3.Be My Beta. By - Shin Yuri

My Top 1 Favorite Mafia BL'S

1.Roses and Champagne. By - Zig / Ttung Gae

Have you all seen Baby Park Byul
He's so cute

But wait... Baby Kim Euiyoung. Like 😭😭😭

Both of them need everyone's love.

Have a good day.

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