Contains Mature genres, is considered NSFW.
Ghost Child / 鬼胎 / 귀태 : 몽중연가
Rank: 1996th, it has 2.4K monthly / 105.7K total views.
Authors: Penguin
Artists: Penguin
Genres: Manhwa , Yaoi(BL) , Mature , Drama , Ghosts , Historical , Romance , Supernatural
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Original work: Ongoing
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2019
Jo Seong-jae has a secret: he’s been spending passionate nights with a ghost that looks like Hong Dohui, the man he’s in love with. Plagued every night by his yearning and the unrelenting ghost, Seong-jae’s health steadily worsens. Concerned for his ailing friend, Dohui offers to help Seong-jae escape his nightmares. It’s a feat no ordinary man could accomplish, but Dohui is no ordinary man. See, Dohui has a secret, too. It just might be the key to saving Seong-jae…or to destroying them both.
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continuing this one with the side stories. drop me a message if you'd like to join my discord server to check out other titles. 😊 -nekobasu

Chapters (114)

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Side Story 14: Selfless
nekobasu 1.6K + 14.9K 350 days ago
Side Story 13: Selfless
nekobasu 1.6K + 16.2K 357 days ago
Side Story 12: Selfless
nekobasu 1.6K + 14.5K 364 days ago
Side Story 11: Selfless
nekobasu 1.6K + 14.8K 371 days ago
Side Story 10: Selfless
nekobasu 1.7K + 15.7K 378 days ago
Side Story 9: Selfless
nekobasu 1.6K + 15.4K 385 days ago
Side Story 8: Selfless
nekobasu 1.7K + 15.7K 392 days ago
Side Story 7: Selfless
nekobasu 1.8K + 16.2K 399 days ago
Side Story 6: Selfless
nekobasu 1.8K + 16.8K 406 days ago
Side Story 5: Selfless
nekobasu 1.9K + 18.1K 413 days ago
Side Story 4: Selfless
nekobasu 1.9K + 17.8K 420 days ago
Side Story 3: Selfless
nekobasu 1.9K + 17.6K 427 days ago
Side Story 2: Selfless
nekobasu 1.9K + 18.8K 434 days ago
Side Story 1: Selfless
nekobasu 2.4K + 24.2K 441 days ago